SWZFC members results from ZFS Gold patronage at the 

Western Counties B&FBS show 1st October 2023.

Judge: Mike Baldwin.

Best Zebras in Show- Mark Elliott. (Black Cheeks.)

Best Champion, Champion Adult (Black Cheeks) and Breeder (Normal) - Mark Elliott

Best Novice, Novice Adult - Andy Nethercott (CFW)

Best Novice Breeder - D & M Bates (Dilutes)

Best Junior, Best Junior Adult - Mia Elliott - (AOSV)

34 Zebra Finches benched with 11 Champion from 2 Exhibitors, 17 Novice from 3 Exhibitors, 2 Junior from 2 Exhibitors with 2 entries in the single bird category.

Mark with his Best in Show and all Champion winners.

Andy with Best Novice and white award

Mia- Best Junior

Mark receiving the best Over all Foreign award from WCB&FBS President Dave Guppy 

Judge Mike Baldwin also judged the Bengalese

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