Members of SWZFC exhibiting at Western Counties B&FBS area open show 1st October 2023.


As part of the WCB&FBS show the foreign section catered for Zebra Finch exhibition at which 34 entries were benched comprising of 11 from 2 Champions, 17 from 3 Novice, 4 from 2 Junior Exhibitors & 2 Single bird entries.

The judge was Mike Balwin from Gloucester, a very experienced judge in both Zebras and Bengalese who also assessed the Foreign Bird entries too.

Best Zebras in Show, Best Champion, Best Champion Adult, Champion Breeder went to Mark Elliott with his top winning Black Cheek adults which also competed against the Bengales and the Foreign Bird winners for Overall best foreign exhibit in show. His winning Breeders also took the colour award for Normal and his Black Cheeks the colour award for AOSV, also the colour award for his Dilutes.

Best Novice, Best Novice Adult and colour award for CFW went to Andy Nethercott along with the colour award for his White.

D & M Bates took home the Best Novice Breeder award with their Dilutes entry.  Derrick was the show secretary on the day. (Thank you Derrick)

In the Junior section Mia Elliott had Best Junior and Junior Adult with her AOSV entry.

The single bird category was one by Bethany Elliott with a stunning (Authors opinion) CFW hen.


Congratulations to all those winners and thank you for supporting the show.


Andy Nethercott

Publicity Officer


Best Zebra Finches in Show

Best Novice

Judge Mike Baldwin

Mark Receives the Overall Foreign award from President Dave Guppy

Best Junior

Best Champion Adults

Best Novice

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