{ 15 / 2 / 22}                           MEMBERS  LIST

                                      SOUTH WESTERN  ZFC – 2021

Paid                                      2017 - 2018 -  2019 -  2021 -  2022  -  2023   

 SUBS are £10 { All denominations}

Subs can be paid via Paypal direct to Treasurer Peter Cannan's email address and quote SWZFC Subs, But that would be at a cost of £11 as Paypal will charge Peter for their fee.


P & J Acock                           x                                  x          x

D & M Bates                                                              x          x

Ms R.Blampied                                                                     x                     

Miss L.Bowyer                                              x          x       Free

B.Burton                                                                                x

C.Butterfield                          x         x           x         

E & C Calford                                               x                   Free

L.Calford                               x         x           x          

P.Cannan                               x         x           x          Honourary Life Member       

B.Carter                                                                     x           

A. Cole                                   x         x           x          x         x     

M.Crowther                                                               x         x  

K & W Davies                       x         x           x         

R.H. Davies                                       x           x          x

R & C Dewberry                   x         x           x          x         x

B & W.Downing                    x         x

P.Edmundson                        x         x           x          x           

M.Elliott                                x         x           x          x

Miss B.Elliott                                                             x        Free     

Miss M.Elliott                                                            x        Free    

P.Ellis                                                             x         

T.Furlong                                                                   x                                              

G.Hollings                              x         x           x          x          x

A.Hughes                               x         x           x          x  

G.E.Hughes                                     x                   

B.Humphries                         x         x           x          x                                 

D.Jones                                              x

Mrs P.Lambert                                             x          x          x                                                                           

S.Lobodzinski                        x         x                                                                                                                                                     

R.Mouland                             x         x           x          

L.Mann                                             x           x                     

A.Nethercott                          x         x           x          x          x            

D.Noble                                             x           x          x          x                                             

A.Norris                                                         x          x          x

P & J Paintain                       x         x           x          x          x

M.Rigden                                                                   x          x

J.Robertson                                      x           x          x

R.Rowe                                                                      x

Mrs J.Sampson                                                          x         

N.Smith                                             x           x          x          x        x                  

Mr & Mrs A.Taylor             Presidents &  Honourary Life Members

R.Thomas                              x         x           x                     

D.Webster                              x         x           x          x         x          

J.Whitty                                 x         x           x          x         

Master L.Williams                                        x          x                     

A.Wills                                   x         x           x          x         


           41/1   39/1     39/1     32/2     17/2     1/2                     




Affilliated Clubs      £5          2017 - 2018 – 2019 – 2021 -                                                              2022


Kernow A.S                               x         x         x        Show Cancelled Carried over to 2022      Exchange                   

Western Counties B&FBS         x         x         x        Show Cancelled Carried over to 2022      Exchange    

Jurassic Open                            x         x         x          x

Mid Cornwall                                                               x

Riveira Bird Club                      x         x        x        Show Cancelled Carried over to 2022         Exchange

Taunton CBS                             x         x         x

Camborne SS                            x        x         x        Show Cancelled Carried over to 2022         Exchange

Bridgwater BKS                        x         x         x        

Swanage & Purbeck                   x         x         x         


                                                   9       8         8         2 + 4 carried over to 2022                             4




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